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DorobekInsider’s most read items for the past 7-days

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The most read items on The DorobekInsider for the past 7-days:

  1. OMB’s Tim Young announces his departure, but to where? [Editor’s note: Young will be on Federal News Radio’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris on Monday.]
  2. News on OMB’s Tim Young… today?
  3. OMB’s Tim Young is going to… Yes, we now we know
  4. @barackobama: Where are you? Obama’s Twitter feed goes silent [Editor’s note: The Obama transition team is now Tweeting at change_gov.]
  5. Obama’s yet-to-be-named CTO’s suggestion box [I should note we had the creator of the Web site on Federal News Radio’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris on Friday. I have a link from here.]
  6. A correction… and a even bigger congratulations to Microsoft’s Teresa Carlson
  7. Another big score for Deloitte — Tom Davis
  8. Happy Veteran’s Day 2008
  9. Tech guru Genachowski named to Obama transition team
  10. The DorobekInsider Obama reader — Part I
  11. We talk to the new head at Unisys federal
  12. The Federal News Radio Book Club: The SPEED of Trust [The Federal News Radio Book Club comes up on Wednesday on Federal News Radio 1500 AM and You can get more information about how to particpate here… and there is an excerpt of the book in Federal Computer Week on Monday.]
  13. Navy out with one of the first Web 2.0 policy memo [Remember you can hear Navy CIO Robert Carey talk about the Web 2.0 memo here.]
  14. EPA’s national dialogue — a good start to government transparency
  15. Interior’s Howell to move to OMB
  16. The run of the geeks — their term, not mine
  17. Who might be the government’s CIO… er, CTO
  18. The DorobekInsider guide: Experimenting with Twitter, Part I
  19. Hear the Navy CIO talk about the Navy’s Web 2.0 policy
  20. More on the Federal News Radio Book club — with FCW

I do hope that you will join us on Wednesday for the first meeting of the Federal News Radio Book Club discussing The SPEED of Trust… Wednesday on Federal News Radio’s In Depth with Francis Rose between 1-3p ET… Federal News Radio 1500 AM and… and we’ll have it posted online Wednesday afternoon.

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November 16, 2008 at 12:09 PM

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Hearing from the creator of… and more on the Obama CTO

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I mentioned earlier the innovative Web site where you can make suggestions for the new, yet-to-be-named (or even defined) Obama chief technology officer, which the WP Friday called “most talked-about tech job in government is one that never before existed.”

Friday on the Federal News Radio’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris, we spoke with Matt Lerner, the CTO of Front Seat out in Seattle, who created Its important to note that is independent of the Obama transition team. Lerner and I had a wonderful pre-radio conversation about why he created the site. I understand that I focus on this stuff intensely — and there are many in this community, but a young guy in Seattle? It’s great that this stuff is touching people out there.

You can hear our conversation with Lerner here.

On Friday, we also spoke to Eric Lundquist, the editor in chief of eWeek, who argues that the CTO should actually be a CIO. You can hear that conversation here.

Finally, on Tuesday Monday on The Big Show, we’re going to talk to CJD-fav Andrew McAfee, an assoiate professor at the Harvard Business School and the person credited with the term ‘enterprise 2.0.’ He just did a post headlined What This Country Needs is a Chief Technology Officer .

The precise job description is not yet clear, but how could it be? Technology’s role in American society is boundaryless and constantly increasing, so delineating the CTO’s role is going to be hard. Is it confined to information and communications technology, or should also include other blossoming flields like energy and life sciences? And is the mission to make policy, to allocate resources via something like a venture capital fund, to take control of large portions of the federal government’s IT spending and personnel, and/or to to be an advocate for enlightened use of technology in both the private and public sectors?

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November 16, 2008 at 11:56 AM