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DorobekInsider poll: The Bush administration — an insider’s assessment

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White House photo

White House photo

So there are only 7-days left in the Bush administration. President Bush offered his own assessment of his administration during his final meeting with reporters yesterday. [Read the transcript hereRead the administration’s self-assessment here…  So, after nearly eight years, what do you think? This is your chance to grade your boss… and to offer insights to the new team coming in about what went right — and what didn’t.

I’ll post my over all assessment next week, but… I’d love to see your review and critique. We are grading the Bush administration as manager. As we know, most management issues transcend politics — and event, to a significant degree, transcend policies. Some of our best bosses are people that we disagreed with.

I’ve created a poll for you — feds — to grade the Bush administration on the management issues of the past eight years. There is a lot to review and complie… IT policies… how the Bush administration led OMB… did it link OMB’s “M” to OMB’s “B”… the e-government initiatives… the lines of business… competitive sourcing…

There are so many issue…

But I ask you to give an over all assessment… grade away… and post your thoughts as comments… what did the Bush administration do well — and what did not go well…

Written by cdorobek

January 13, 2009 at 6:30 AM

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