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The DorobekInsider on Gov 2.0 Radio podcast Sunday – the liner notes

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Yes, I have a four-hour radio program on Federal News Radio 1500 AM each day, you may have heard — Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris, which airs from 3-7p ET weekdays. But on Sunday evening, the DorobekInsider will be on the Gov 2.0 Radio podcast series.

The program will be on Sunday, January 17 at 9p ET LIVE. Listen online at

The program is hosted by…

* Adriel Hampton, producer and co-founder of Gov 2.0 Radio, is a Gov 2.0 and new media strategist, public servant and blogger
* Steve Ressler, is Founder and President of, the “Facebook for Government” which connects and fosters collaboration among over 23,500 members of the government community

It also generally features Steve Lunceford, a strategic communications professional and founder of, the world’s largest directory of government on Twitter, but I believe Lunceford will be out of town this Sunday. So the guest host, I just learned, will be Luke Fretwell of GovFresh.

People are invited to call in during the second part of the show, so… I hope you’ll call in.

The program is fairly loose, so… we have a wide range of areas we can cover. Suggestions welcome… here… via Twitter… via Facebook

Here are the topics that the hosts said they would like to cover:

  • Ressler: Since Gov 2.0 radio, will be interested in your take on Gov 2.0, Open gov directive and movement, and any thoughts on implementing big directives (something I’m particularly interested in).
  • Fretwell: I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the culture change in government around tech. How has it evolved? Has it? What’s the state of tech culture in government, especially around social, open source.
  • Hampton: I second Steve in wanting to get your thoughts on implementation of big picture reforms, and want to bounce around the idea of how much overlap there is between “social media” and “Gov 2.0,” and perhaps “how much overlap should there be?” Also, is this idea of government as a platform and how that fits in with the history and promise of egov. I’d like to play a little off of an interesting conversation I had with the SF CIO about whether the energy around Gov 2.0 can help revitalize some of customer-centric vision of egov.
  • Lunceford: I’d also like if Chris could address the vertical media/media covering government/gov contracting and how the social revolution is/has changed. I still read the traditional fed/govt verticals that I did 10 years ago, but haven’t picked up a hard copy in quite some time – can 1105/GovExec and the like survive this new model? And how about Federal News Radio 1500 AM? The station brought on lots of experienced talent a while back (Chris, Jason, etc) and have totally redesigned web; is the online cutting/hosting/sharing of stories as important or more-so than the actual live/on-air shows?

It should be fun… LIVE tonight at 9p ET on

Written by cdorobek

January 17, 2010 at 2:12 PM

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